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Vicari Italian Grill Improves Food Quality with Quail

CORINTH, Mississippi — Vicari Italian Grill owner John Mabry feels even more confident about the quality of food he serves now that he’s been using the Quail Quality Food Preparation Series for nearly a year.

Immediately after the installation of the ozone generator, Mabry noticed additional benefits including a longer shelf life for produce and how effective ozonated water sanitizes produce. He also noted a reduction in his restaurant’s waste (spoiled food) by 20 to 30 percent.

“We use the system all day, every day to rinse produce and wash our hands, but there are multiple uses,” Mabry said. “The ozonated water is also good for sanitizing the sink and rinsing fish, chicken and even beef.”

His top priority in his business is ensuring the products he sends to the table is safe and fresh.

“I can’t control how any product is handled while it’s in the warehouse, but what this system does for my peace of mind is that it helps eliminate E. coli, norovirus and Hepatitis A, which anyone in the food industry knows, can kill your business,” Mabry said. “With this system, you know you’re sending out a fresh, clean and table-ready product.”

Mabry said his employees appreciate that the system is easy to operate and understand.

“There are no complicated gauges to read,” Mabry said. “People in the kitchen need to see a green light, and green means ‘go!'”

Mabry would encourage other restaurant owners to install a Quail Quality Food Preparation Series in their kitchens.

“It’s one more piece in our defense today,” he said. “Don’t wait to react, be proactive, be the best you can be for your customers and your guests,” he said.

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