Our systems monitor performance multiple times per second and make adjustments to maintain optimal performance. This allows our systems to perform at peak levels regardless of air or water conditions.


Our systems also can detect any failures that may occur. When a failure is detected an alert is sent to Quail and repair service is scheduled within 24 hours. In most any case of failure the system will continue to perform because of the critical component redundancy built into the systems.



Owners of our systems can log in online to a customized portal to view information of any of our systems installed in their facilities. The customer can view things like current status, GPS location of mobile systems, and historical data logs.


Scheduled maintenance and service records will also be available in this portal for all systems.


Ozone‘s unique properties make it both one of the most powerful oxidizers available while still being safe to use in commercial applications. Ozone is the combination of 3 oxygen molecules. When ozone encounters a pathogen, one of the oxygen atoms separates, pierces the cell wall and destroys it. After ozone’s purifying work is done, all that remains is O2 — the oxygen we breathe. The FDA, USDA and EPA have approved ozone as an antimicrobial disinfectant. 3,000 times faster and 50% more powerful than chlorine, ozone kills staph, salmonella, e. coli, listeria, norovirus, MRSA, and more. . . and leaves no chemical residue.