The issue: When students and staff are sick, learning and productivity suffer.


  • Pathogens in the air and on surfaces can cause illnesses that force students, teachers, and staff to miss school 
  • Many students and teachers working together in a school setting can perpetuate the spread of virus-causing pathogens.
  • When teachers, students, and staff aren’t healthy, opportunities for teaching and learning are missed.


The solution: Quail Systems® circulate ozone at safe levels throughout the building through our Environmental Control Series, eliminating harmful contaminants. Paired with the Vortex, which is designed for portable use in unoccupied spaces, ozone can be used for a deeper cleaning of classrooms, gyms, libraries, cafeterias, and other common spaces after teachers, students, and staff are gone for the day.

Return on Investment

  • Ozone sanitization provides a safe environment, fosters increased productivity, and reduces the amount of chemicals used for typical surface cleaning procedures. This product can save you money and reduce the risk of someone having an allergic reaction or sensitivity to cleaning chemicals.
  • Use of ozone through the Environmental Control Series provides a continuous disinfection process, as opposed to typical end-of-day cleaning procedures used by janitorial staff.
  • Ozone is easy to use and does not require highly specialized training or personal protective equipment when delivered at low levels by the Environmental Control Series. 


For more information, check out the following product lines:

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Benefits of Ozone

  • Kills pathogens like e.coli, listeria, and SARS-Cov-2
  • Chemical free and leaves behind no residues or toxic byproducts
  • Safer for teachers, students and staff than conventional chemicals
  • Students can attend school in-person while ozone continually makes the learning environment safer and cleaner
  • Teachers can focus on teaching while ozone works on keeping the learning environment clean and safe


Ozone has received numerous government and oversight organizational approvals.


• FDA Approval for Use on Food in 2001
• GRAS Status
• USDA Approves Use of Ozone on Organic Products
• FSIS Approves Ozone for Final Rinse Sanitation
• Installed product will be NSF Registered
• Approved for HACCP Plans