The Issue: Restaurants have tight profit margins to work with.
• Total profit is a minimum percentage of sales in many restaurants.
• Losses from meat, seafood, & produce spoilage can be very high.
• Liability & Risk associated with foodborne illness.


The Solution: Quail Systems® infuse ozone into the water in your facility, adding a Kill Step to your current wash processes. Our systems are connected directly to meat, produce, and hand wash sinks. The are also multiple options to add the ability for an ozonated water washdown for floors, drains, and equipment.


Ozone provides an opportunity to dramatically increase profits without having to increase traffic.
• Eliminates the Use of Many Chemicals
• 25-50% Less Spoilage with Ozone
• Dramatic Hydration of Greens
• Greater Sales with Perception of Freshness
• Reduced Risk from Foodborne Illness
• Savings Go Directly to Profit


For more information check out the following product lines:
Quality Food Preparation Series | Mobile Sanitizing Series


• Extends the shelf life of food products
• 50% more powerful and works 3,100 times faster than chlorine
• Kills pathogens like e. coli, listeria, and salmonella upon contact
• Chemical free and leaves behind no toxic byproducts or residues
• Does not alter the taste of food
• Can be utilized in water or air applications
• Safer for employees than conventional chemicals.
• Eliminates the use of conventional disinfection agents and toxic chemical usage and produces no toxic by-products.


Ozone has received numerous government and oversight organizational approvals.


• FDA Approval for Use on Food in 2001
• GRAS Status
• USDA Approves Use of Ozone on Organic Products
• FSIS Approves Ozone for Final Rinse Sanitation
• Installed product will be NSF Registered
• Approved for HACCP Plans