The Refrigerated Transport Series is designed to be placed into the airflow inside of a refrigerated trailer. It produces ozone gas and feeds this gas into the air stream circulating throughout the trailer.


The process of transporting produce from the farm to the table comes with several risks including contamination, over-ripening, and even spoilage. The refrigeration of trailers does a great deal to protect the produce in transport, but more can be done. Incorporating a Quail System into the refrigerated trailer will reduce loss, improve food safety, and improve the quality of the produce delivered.


• Variable Ozone Levels
• System reliability with redundancy and reinforced fittings
• Full installation, service, & warranty contract
• Real time monitoring with data transmitted out via cellular connection
• Self-diagnostics that alert Quail Systems® of any need for service
• Online customer portal to view current status and historical data logs
• Optional GPS tracking
• Multiple programs optimized for specific cargo
• Multiple run modes including pre-load disinfection, post-load
sanitization, and in-transit maintenance


• Comply with Food Safety Modernization Act Requirements
• Prevent cross contamination between loads
• Control ethylene gases and prevent over-ripening
• Destroy bacteria and molds on exposed surfaces, preventing spoilage
• Ability to control the system from the online portal
• Ozone and temperature sensors built in,
• Trip data log that includes ozone, temperature, and GPS tracking


More companies are requiring information about the environment of the produce during transport to ensure that safety standards are met. As demonstrated by the partnership between IBM and Wal‐Mart to develop a blockchain to track products through its supply chain, a transparent and honest food chain will be the standard that all companies will have to rise to meet. The blockchain they are developing will be an open and detailed digital ledger that details every step that food takes from the field to the customer’s table. Monitoring the environment of the produce during transport will be an important part of this effort. The data collected by our system can be uploaded directly into blockchains or digital ledgers.

Ozone Concentration
Power Input
Generator Case Material
Generator Dimensions
Generator Weight
Controller Case Material
Controller Dimensions
Controller Weight
Exterior Switch Case Material
Exterior Switch Dimensions
Exterior Switch Weight
Variable Up to 20 PPM
12 V DC / 20 Amps
Powder Coated Aluminum
26”W x 13.5”H x 4”D
16.5 lbs.
14.25”W x 10”H x 4.5”D
4.5 lbs.
7”W x 4.5”H x 5”D
1.5 lbs.