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Air and Surface Sanitization System
The Vortx is designed to provide a quick, strong level of ozone to sanitize any room. Along with air sanitization, the Vortx sanitizes all surfaces in the room. When in operation, it produces a mass whirlwind of ozone throughout the room, sanitizing and destroying all known viruses, bacteria, and microbial contaminants in the area.
An Air and Surface Sanitization Solution
Eliminate Need to Purchase, Store, Log, or Refill Chemicals

Ozone sanitization is produced on site, eliminating the need to purchase, log, or refill chemicals. 

Improve Safety & Quality Control

Sanitize air and surfaces in facilities to reduce & eliminate harmful pathogens and spoilage organisms.

Destroy Unwanted Odors

Quickly and efficiently improve air quality and remove unwanted odors from spaces.

How It Works

Air and Surface Sanitization

Ozone gets infused with the air and is then quickly circulated throughout your space. The Vortx is specially designed to be used in spaces when they are unoccupied. It can sanitize a room in just a few minutes without leaving behind any residue.

Easy to Use
  • Built for easy use and installation – just plug it in, and set the timer.
Durable, Long-Lasting
  • Made of durable, long-lasting aluminum
  • Stands on 4 heavy-duty wheels
  • The Vortx unit is able to pivot at 45o angles or rotate a full 360o degrees.
  • Designed with a 19-foot power cord for optimal placement
Made in the USA
  • High quality product made in the USA
Chemical sanitizers are harmful and inefficient.

Chemical Sanitizers and disinfectants are backed by a harmful and inefficient industry from start to finish. From creation to disposal, they disrupt, irritate, and destroy the environment and people’s well-being.

Our devices turn air into a natural sanitizer.

Quail products use a high-efficiency electric system to create sanitizing solutions on-site that disinfect and purify spaces without any chemical waste or residual substances.

Product Specifications


Ozone Production

240 grams

Power Input

120 V

Air Supply

Ambient Air

Timer Settings

0 – 60 Minutes




62 lbs


37in x 24in

Food Services Products

Quail’s food service products utilize automated on-site ozone and nanobubble technology to produce sanitizers at the source of cleaning for optimized continual disinfection. Remove 99.9+% of pathogens and clean hard-to-reach surfaces with aqueous and gaseous sanitation solutions.

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