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Nanozone Wash

Ozonated Nanobubble Prep Sink System
The NANOZONE Wash System combines the undisputed power and safety of aqueous ozone with the game changing properties of nanobubbles through Quail’s patent-pending delivery system. This unique triple-action approach turns a standard prep-sink into a state-of-the-art disinfection station unlike anything else on the market. Without chemicals to store, mix, and dispose of, the NANOZONE promotes food safety, quality assurance, sustainability, and cost savings for forward thinking restaurant owners, chefs, kitchen workers, and the diners they serve!
A Sustainable Replacement for Chemical-Based Cleaning Processes
Removes 99.9% Bacteria & Viruses

Ozone is approved for use on food by the FDA and USDA. Ozone has 4 log (99.99%) efficacy on E.coli and salmonella, 3 log (99.9%) efficacy on listeria,a nd is 51% more effective than chlorine at destroying bacterial walls*

*At similar concentrations

Increased Shelf Life & Quality of Product

21% of food waste is caused by spoilage. Quail’s technology can minimize inventory spoilage and increase shelf life by re-hydrating product and reducing harmful bacterial and fungal organisms responsible for food waste. On average, restaurants discard 4-10% of purchased inventory annually. 1-2 days of extra shelf life can reduce cost by 10-20%.

Lower Cost of Operation

Through reduced expenses related to waste, disinfection chemicals, employee labor, and potential regulatory and legal penalties, the Nanozone system can improve your bottom line. 

Easily integrates with any prep sink

The Quail Nanozone Wash can easily be integrated into any prep sink system. Get started by connecting the Nanozone Wash Unit to a wall close to your prep sink and connect to cold water supply. If needed, use connection adapters included with unit. 

*For detailed installation instructions, refer to installation instructions included with unit.

Unsurpassed Efficacy
  • Ozone kills or deactivates over 99.9% of pathogens on a treated area
  • 3000x faster than chlorine on particular E. coli*
  • Does not cause resistant strains

*At similar concentrations

Safety & Sustainability
  • Ozone is created, used, and then (after working) reverts back to O2 on site
  • No chemicals to transport, use, store, or remove
  • Doesn’t compromise “organic” labeling
  • USDA G.R.A.S Certification
Extended Availability
  • Nanobubbles resist floating to the surface and releasing “wasted” ozone into the air
  • Coalesence Resistance prevents bubble clumping
  • Gas can remain in solution for over 6 hours
Enhanced Access
  • Electrostatic Attachment to surfaces enhances contact time
  • Easily accesses pathogens on rough surfaces
  • Brownian Movement promotes dispersal

Automatic & Natural Sanitization

Once Nanozone is installed into a rinse station, water is transformed into a source of sanitizing action. Nanobubbles suspended in the solution transport ozone throughout the product’s surface for thorough  disinfection.

Nanobubbles are 2500x smaller than a grain of salt. Their small size and abrasive nature allow them to scrub and sanitize hard-to-reach places.

How It Works: Ozone + Nanobubbles

Nanozone technology generates ozone and injects it into the water with nanobubbles to create a powerful sanitizing solution at the washing location.
Step 1

Nanozone generates ozone

Step 2

Ozone gets injected into microscopic bubbles (nanobubbles)

Step 3

Ozonated nanobubbles flow through your prep sink water supply

Step 4

Ozonated nanobubbles scrub away bacteria from food products

Easy Installation & Operation

Step 1: Install Unit to Any Prep SInk

Connect the Nanozone Wash to sink water line and a power outlet to install. Indicator lights will clearly signal when sanitizer is active. 

*A Quail technician is happy to assist with delivery and installation, if preferred.

Step 2: Rinse, Soak, Rinse

For best results, follow the provided Rise, Soak, Rinse protocol to acheive full disinfection of your product(s) in less than 120 seconds. 

Step 3: Store & Use Product

After draining excess water, product is sanitized and ready for use or storage. 

Chemical sanitizers are harmful and inefficient.

Chemical Sanitizers and disinfectants are backed by a harmful and inefficient industry from start to finish. From creation to disposal, they disrupt, irritate, and destroy the environment and people’s well-being.

Our devices turn water into a natural sanitizer.

Quail products use a high-efficiency electric system to create sanitizing solutions on-site that disinfect and purify spaces without any chemical waste or residual substances.

Product Specifications


System Dimensions

Width13.75″ / Depth 7″ / Height 13.75″

Light Box

Width 3.25” / Depth 2.25” / Height 5.5” / 10’ Cord between System and Light Box


120v (60 Hz) or 220v (50 Hz) / 5’ Power Cord

Ozone Concentration

1.3 – 1.6 ppm

Water Line Connections

½” MNPT or ½” FNPT

Maximum Water Supply Flow*

1.5 – 3.5 gpm

Water Supply Pressure*

Minimum 50 psi / Maximum 80 psi

Water Quality

Clean, Potable Water Only

Water Temperature

40⁰ F to 80⁰ F

*The system may be configured to run outside of these flow and pressure parameters, please contact your dealer for further assistance.

Food Services Products

Quail’s food service products utilize automated on-site ozone and nanobubble technology to produce sanitizers at the source of cleaning for optimized continual disinfection. Remove 99.9+% of pathogens and clean hard-to-reach surfaces with aqueous and gaseous sanitation solutions.


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