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Product Types: Food

Spray Pro

Quail’s SprayPro creates ozonated water through a patented process called Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology (ADEPT). Using this process, water (H2O) is transformed into ozone (O3) on demand and is ready to sanitize high-traffic surfaces in restaurants, schools, retail stores, medical environments, and many more!

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Refrigerated Transport Series

Quail’s patented Refrigerated Transport Series gives you the power of ozone, nature’s first defense. Sanitize the interior of your trailers and improve the quality of your delivered food cargo without the use of any chemicals.

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Since ice is classified as a food, it is subject to the same exacting standards as other foods we serve. Unfortunately, due to cost, difficulty, and employee time considerations, commercials ice machines are often neglected until problems arise. This can result in citations, fines, closures, sickness, and even death.

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Nanozone Wash

The NANOZONE Wash System combines the undisputed power and safety of aqueous ozone with the game changing properties of nanobubbles through Quail’s patent-pending delivery system. This unique triple-action approach turns a standard prep-sink into a state-of-the-art disinfection station unlike anything else on the market. Without chemicals to store, mix, and dispose of, the NANOZONE promotes food safety, quality assurance, sustainability, and cost savings for forward thinking restaurant owners, chefs, kitchen workers, and the diners they serve!

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