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Power of Ozone Injected into Water

When ozone is injected into water it kills numerous pathogens including — Swine Flu, Hepatitis-A, norovirus, listeria, salmonella and E. coli — faster and more effectively than any other disinfectant. More effective than chlorine, ozonated water creates a 5-log kill instantaneously of salmonella and E. coli cells and a 4-log kill of listeria. Ozone is designated Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA and is approved for use on food by the USDA. Water treated with ozone reduces contaminants when used by food service employees to sanitize their hands, prepare food and clean surfaces.

When washing fruits and vegetables, the effectiveness of ozone is evident during tests using tomatoes, lettuce and green onions. A 15 to 20 second water-only rinse on tomatoes provided a 56 percent reduction of pathogens while the ozonated water rinse provided a 99.9 percent reduction of pathogens. The water-only rinse on lettuce resulted in a 7 percent reduction of pathogens, but the ozonated water rinse provided a 99.9 percent reduction. A water-only rinse on green onions removed 99 percent of the bacteria, and ozone removed 99.9 percent.

Benefits of Ozonated Water
  • Ozonated water forms no hazardous by-products, destroys pesticides that remain on food and leaves no residue.
  • It is safe to drink and for use on the eyes and skin.
  • Ozonated water also prevents a common fungal infection of the cuticles that plagues bartenders.
  • Ozone reacts with organic products extremely rapidly, which means that pathogens suspended in ozonated water are killed instantly.


Whether ozonated water is used to rinse work surfaces or food products, cross-contamination from the water is highly unlikely. Bacteria in the water are completely destroyed.

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