The issue: Businesses want to provide a safe work environment for both employees and clients/customers.


  • Illness-related lost productivity costs U.S employers $530 billion per year.
  • As employers increase cleaning and disinfection measures, more people are developing sensitivities and allergies (or reactions) to harsh chemicals that are used in these processes.
  • Effective job safety and health add value to the workplace and help reduce worker injuries and illnesses.


The solution: Quail Systems® provides continuous disinfection and sanitization by delivering ozone through our Environmental Control Series. Safe levels of ozone are circulated throughout your office space utilizing your current HVAC system. Other options for sanitization of surfaces is Quail Systems® Vortex unit which can be used for after-hours deep cleaning in unoccupied spaces and the Spray Pro, which uses aqueous ozone to sanitize surfaces any time.

Return on Investment

  • Reduces risk of illness from airborne pathogens and contaminants that live on surfaces
  • Eliminates the use of harsh chemicals
  • Reduces illness-related lost productivity, which translates to more profits for your business
  • Improved job safety may lead to reduced employee turnover 


For more information check out the following product lines:

Environmental Control Series | Vortex | SprayPro


Benefits of Ozone

  • Kills pathogens like e.coli, listeria, and SARS-Cov-2
  • Chemical free and leaves behind no residues or toxic byproducts
  • Safer for employees than conventional chemicals
  • Employees can work in an environment free from harsh chemical cleaning methods, confident that ozone will destroy harmful contaminants without leaving any toxins behind


Ozone has received numerous government and oversight organizational approvals.


• FDA Approval for Use on Food in 2001
• GRAS Status
• USDA Approves Use of Ozone on Organic Products
• FSIS Approves Ozone for Final Rinse Sanitation
• Installed product will be NSF Registered
• Approved for HACCP Plans