The Issue: Clean in place processes can be difficult, time consuming, and costly due to the cost of chemicals, hot water, and disposal of the run off.


The Solution: Quail Systems® infuse ozone into the water in your facility, increasing the Kill Factor of your current wash processes. Our systems are mobile and only need to be connected to a water and power source. Quail Systems® can make your current clean in place processes quick, simple, and safe.


Ozone provides an opportunity to dramatically increase profits.
• Eliminates the use of many chemicals
• Quicker process
• Mobility and no need to store or mix chemicals
• Works best in cold water
• Reduced risk from foodborne illnesses
• Savings go directly to profit


For more information check out the following product:
Mobile Sanitizing Series


• Works best in cold water
• 50% more powerful and works 3,100 times faster than chlorine
• Kills pathogens like e. coli, listeria, and salmonella upon contact
• Chemical free and leaves behind no toxic byproducts or residues
• Can be utilized in water or air applications
• Safer for employees than conventional chemicals.
• Eliminates the use of conventional disinfection agents and toxic chemical usage and produces no toxic by-products.


Ozone has received numerous government and oversight organizational approvals.


• FDA Approval for Use on Food in 2001
• GRAS Status
• USDA Approves Use of Ozone on Organic Products
• FSIS Approves Ozone for Final Rinse Sanitation
• Installed product will be NSF Registered
• Approved for HACCP Plans