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Ease of Eco-Ice Installation

How It Works

Modern ozone delivery technology can now significantly reduce risk in a highly cost effective manner. By directly introducing very small amounts of ozone automatically and continuously into the water line, these systems sanitize the water before it freezes. This process also produces a barrier against pathogens which may enter the machine through air or contact.

Step 1: Install Unit to Any Ice Machine

Connect the Eco-Ice unit to ice machine water line and a 110 outlet to install. Indicator lights will clearly signal when sanitizer is active.

*A Quail technician is happy to assist with delivery and installation, if preferred.

Step 2: Ozonate Water & Make Ice

For best results, follow the provided protocol to achieve full disinfection of your product(s).

Step 3: Serve Customers a Quality Product

Serve your customers safe, great-tasting, high-quality beverages.

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