Robert W. Smith
President & CEO


Jennifer L. Wood


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We’re a team of researchers and developers with more than 40 years of experience building reliable, high-quality ozone generators to create a safer, cleaner food chain from farm to fork.

Your needs will be met with our focus on providing quality ozone equipment and a reliable service and maintenance provider.

You will find peace of mind with Quail’s solutions that go beyond industry standards, offering system redundancy, 24-hour monitoring and service contracts to ensure that your Quail system consistently operates worry-free for you. You will rely on Quail’s products to clean, sanitize, reduce the spread of pathogens and protect your brand.

Quail’s ever-expanding staff, support team and network focus on implementing creative solutions to keep up with your growth and needs for food chain safety.

Explore our website to learn how Quail Systems can help your business thrive.

Robert, Patricia, & Jennifer
Tennessee Innovative Products